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Under the microS.C.O.P.E Podcast - Release

Updated: 5 days ago

I am so excited that I will be releasing the first episode of my podcast, Under the microSCOPE, this week. This podcast will be focused on the value of the medical services professional, elevating our contributions and helping to build collaborations throughout the healthcare industry. Stay Tuned for more info.

If you are interested in being a guest or a sponsor, please get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

Update...The series has been released on Spotify and YouTube @TheRightCredNtwk.

Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM is the owner and principal consultant for The Right Credentials Network and an independent publisher and author. If your organization's credentialing and provider enrollment programs need assistance, contact The Right Credentials Network. We can help you apply for and maintain accreditation, build your delegation arrangements and repair your existing credentialing program. And, if you or your staff needs additional training, let us create a package to fit your needs.

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