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Consider This! Is Medical Services a Career or Just a Job?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I’ll be honest. When I first started in the medical services profession, it was a job. I must admit it was a fascinating job. However, my sights were set elsewhere. But, it was my innate work ethic that made me tackle it with zest. I found myself learning so much more than I had expected, as well as interacting with true professionals in the medical and administrative fields that intrigued me. I couldn’t stop learning enough. So now, almost 30 years later, I look at what I do as a career, not as a job. That’s why I ask this question. Is the medical services profession, whether it’s in credentialing, privileging, onboarding, provider enrollment, or provider data management, a career for you or just a job?

Have you ever met anyone who was starting from high school or even college that said, “I want to become a Director of Medical Staff Services at a hospital or the Provider Data Manager at a health insurer?” I haven’t. I have been told by many staff encountered that it becomes their goal after they were exposed to this career. It’s a good career, a challenging one. As I have told many people, this career is not rocket science, but it is a lot of details and regulations. To succeed in this profession, you have to be a little anal retentive and a little crazy. I am a bit of both.

Why do I ask this question? As a consultant, I come across many individuals with many different life objectives, but I can always identify which one is in it for the paycheck this week and who’s in it to grow. Both kinds have, at times, presented organizations with trials dependent on the timing. What is your career goal, and why should you consider making it more than just a job? I am not saying that only a job is a problem. However, even if it is just a job, you want to make sure you know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and being very cognizant of time restrictions, regulations, and your organization’s needs. If that is a problem, find another job. Now, I am advising this not just to make you a happier employee or even contractor. I am suggesting this because your role is essential to patient safety.

Take it seriously. That patient could be you, a family member, or a friend. Think of your job or career this way; you may be the barrier between life and death, wholeness or injury, and litigation or revenue. It pays in many, many ways to know what you are doing. Think about your future and the future of those people who will be treated by the healthcare providers you vet through credentialing, privileging, onboarding, provider enrollment, and more.

I am writing this to remind you that YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND VITAL TO EVERYONE! Plus, you may be at the beginning of a brand-new journey.

So, my last question: IS IT A CAREER OR A BUSINESS?

Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM is the owner and principal consultant for The Right Credentials Network. If your credentialing and provider enrollment programs need assistance, contact The Right Credentials Network. We can help you apply for and maintain accreditation as well as repair your existing program. And, if you or your staff needs additional training, join us for our webinars, training modules, and various events.


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