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Managing Overwhelm and Overload in the Credentialing Program

The stories never change. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a medical services office in a hospital or a credentialing department for an insurer. The staff is working on overload. Why?

There is an array of answers to that question. Many offices are still dependent on spreadsheets as opposed to a database. Other offices that have access to databases do not fully utilize them. Nor do they have the staff to manage them properly. Some offices use CVO’s that meet only a portion of their needs and must have a team to perform the rest. Then there is still that issue of managing the other data collected internally. That’s only part of it. Does any of this sound familiar yet?

Managing the data may not be the only reason your department functions in overload mode. Volumes, insufficient staffing, insufficient training, and a conflicting set of policies in the organization are all contributing factors. When this happens, it’s time to determine if you need to outsource for additional help. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Unfortunately, we are not in a profession that makes utilizing a source like Fiverr or Upwork feasible. But, you are in luck. Many credentialing professionals are choosing to work remotely and independently as contractors. Most are readily available to help you address your current situation. Don’t suffer information overload or staffing overwhelm. Get skilled temporary help whenever you can. Your staff will appreciate it and so will the providers trying to join your organization.

Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM is the owner and principal consultant for The Right Credentials Network. If your credentialing and provider enrollment programs need assistance, contact The Right Credentials Network. We can help you apply for and maintain accreditation as well as repair your existing program. And, if you just need some temporary help, let us know about that, too. We are ready to assist.

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