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What a Better Time to Build Those Relationships

Happy Holidays Everyone! No matter which one you celebrate, enjoy. This holiday season is the best time of year to rejuvenate and while doing so, reflect on the coming year and appreciate this past year. Think of all the wonderful relationships you began and the ones that you can create. What would our lives be like if we had no real, stable relationships? We would most likely be alone, without anyone to help us in need or to help us celebrate each accomplishment in life. That would be no fun, now would it?

Recently, I presented a webinar that stressed the importance of relationships in the provider enrollment world, but it could have applied to any aspect of our lives, especially our work lives. Man does not live by bread alone. Never. We need each other. We always need to be on the lookout for each other to make sure everyone is alright. Whether you are a salesperson providing the best product or service for your client, or an employer producing the best work environment for your employees, or even a parent helping to guide your family to live their best lives possible, relationships matter. So this holiday, don’t just send a greeting, give a gift, or offer a special sale, find out what you contribute to building a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship that genuinely helps each other.

Happy Holidays!

Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM is the owner and principal consultant for The Right Credentials Network. If you are interested in maintaining or applying for NCQA accreditation related to credentialing, contact her for more information. Dilsa helps to build and repair credentialing programs and trains staff to perform efficiently and productively.

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